The magnolia queen

It’s been just a little bit crazy here:

– Friday:  My boss emailed me around noon and asked if we had staff scheduled for the after hours rental that night.  My response was something along the lines of “tell me your kidding because I don’t know anything about it.”  Whoever schedules things forgot to pass this on.  Luckily, he was able to find enough staff (I wasn’t up there yet) and I stayed late.  I ended up getting home around 11:50.  I got into bed and suddenly couldn’t remember if I had turned something that needed to be on on or not.  I drove back to work (at which point it was around 12:15 in the morning) only to find out that I had turned it on earlier.  Oh well.  If I hadn’t checked, I would have been wondering all night.    

– Saturday:  Eric was sweet enough to let me sleep in until around 9:30.  Then around dinnertime, we packed up the boys and dropped them off at my MIL’s  so they could spend the night while we went to a Mardi Gras mystery dinner party.  Have you guys ever done one of these?  I don’t know if it was because of the abundance of alcoholic beverages or if we just had a fun group, but we had a blast.  Eric and I were supposed to be the lawyers but I ended up taking over the Magnolia Queen role when my friend Tracey found out she wouldn’t make it to the party in time.  I didn’t want to buy anything for the party so I went through my box of elementary/junior/high school things and found my prom sash.  I wrote Magnolia Queen on the back of it and then borrowed my SIL’s tiara.  Our other friends had to dress up like chiefs, maids, trashy stepmoms, fiancées, jazz players and authors.  We all had to tell our stories throughout the night and then at the end, we had to guess who we thought the murderer was and why they did it.  Me and Jim (one of the hosts) were the only ones to get it right.   

– Sunday:  Slept until 8:30 (but could have slept for another two hours) and then went to get the boys.  We made a few stops on the way home to get a Christmas present, which means I only have three more presents to buy.   Kenny had swimming lessons in the afternoon and then I spent the rest of the day working on a photo book.  The photo book is finished but now I’m having a problem with the coupon that I have.  I have an email into the company and am just waiting for a reply. 

– Today:  I worked until 1:30 and then ran up to Kenny’s school to switch with Eric so he could go to work.  Funky Ma ma was playing up there at an assembly so Eric  had taken the kids up there so they could watch.  I love Kenny’s school but I wish they would hold assemblies in the morning when all the kids are there so we don’t have to make an extra trip.  Sometimes I feel like our lone half day kindergarten class gets forgotten.  Anyways, the kids had a great time watching Funky Ma ma and then Kenny went over to Arden’s house for a playdate while Luke and I went to the store to get cupcakes for Kenny’s half birthday tomorrow.  We picked Kenny up and then went home and worked on his poster for tomorrow too.  

I’m a little worn out now so tonight may have to be a breakfast for dinner night.


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One response to “The magnolia queen

  1. Karen

    I feel like take a deep breath after reading that! But all good stuff!

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