Christmas – Plan B

Our Christmas has been a lot different than we had planned.  Not horrible, just different. 

We should have been with my side of the family last night, going to church, eating a nice dinner and opening presents.  Today, we should be doing the same thing with Eric’s family.  Instead, we had to quarantine ourselves after Kenny threw up all day Wednesday. 

We were all a little bummed so we thought that opening a gift first thing on Christmas Eve would help raise everyone’s spirits:) 

We spent the rest of the day relaxing, napping, watching movies and just doing things when we felt like it.  Luke and I even had toast for dinner because we weren’t very hungry.  We had all of our presents opened by 6:30 and then the boys played with them until bedtime.  It was easy and fun – not as fun as it should have been, but fun.

The boys were up early this morning and opened their gifts right away. 

I made egg bake and we ate the caramel rolls that my mom brought over yesterday.  Christmas isn’t Christmas without those caramel  rolls.  Eric went out and bought a ham yesterday so we’ll have that for dinner, assuming that everyone’s stomachs are up for it.  Besides that, we’ll just be rocking out at home for the remainder of the day. 

If Kenny doesn’t relapse today, we’ll be able to celebrate Christmas with both sides of our family tomorrow.  Cross your fingers!

Sidenote:  Can you believe all the snow?  One of the news stations said that this is the first time in 61 years that it has snowed on Christmas in KC.


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3 responses to “Christmas – Plan B

  1. Amanda

    I love those PJs!!

  2. Noha and Will and Kylie have those pj’s too! In blue, pink, and red! I hope you are all having a nice Christmas today and that everyone is well!

  3. Karen

    OH this is sad news. Glad to see the boys still smiling, though!

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