I’m back

We just got our computer back today.  It’s amazing how much you need it when you don’t have it.  The Geek S quad recovered all our pictures and files (why didn’t we backup before?) and then said our hard drive was dead.  Eric talked to a guy at his work that used to fix computers and he thought it sounded more like we needed to refigure our computer (?defrag it or something to that effect?) so Eric brought it home and tried that before we went to go buy a new one.  Low and behold, it works now.  And we are now the proud owners of an external hard drive.

I’m catching up on computer stuff today.  I had 60+ posts in my Google Reader alone, not to mention emails and FB.  When I’m done with all that, I’ll have to do posts on our Christmas celebrations with our families that we were finally able to have once everyone stopped puking, some fun in the snow, a bed order for Luke and New Year’s.


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