Kenny’s half birthday

Kenny celebrated his half birthday at school on December 15th.  Mrs. B sent home a poster for him to fill out about himself.  We decided to tape on a picture from each birthday and then list some of his favorite things – or some of his favorites on that particular day (baseball, Marble Run, Lincoln Logs and, of course, Legos).

I’m trying out a slideshow for the first time.  I hope I’ll like it because it seems like it will be easier in terms of adding pictures. 



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9 responses to “Kenny’s half birthday

  1. love the slideshow…is this a wordpress feature?

    glad you’re back!

  2. I love the slide show, also! I’m also wondering if this is part of wordpress…..

  3. Cute poster. I love it!

  4. Karen

    Yes, I love the slideshow, too. And the idea of celebrating half birthdays – Will’s real birthday is in July.

  5. Awesome slideshow. Am loving the half-bday idea, having summer babies myself!

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