I love Skype

We are now big fans of *Skype.  Last night we talked to my MIL (who just lives 15 minutes away) and then to my brother Mike in New York (and we even got  tour of his apartment).  Today, we even talked to my SIL in Spain.  The boys spent most of the time pretending to either poke the person we were talking to in the eye or pick their nose.   They thought it was hilarious.  We’re going to have a lot of fun with this one.

Annie – you and your parents need to get this for when the baby gets here so they can see her daily.

*In case your not familiar with Skype, it’s basically like a phone call (or video phone call) over the internet.  When you log on to your computer, it tells you who in your contact list is on too and then you can call them.  Skype is free but if your computer doesn’t have a built-in microphone or webcam, you do have to buy one.  We were just going to buy a microphone but ended up getting a webcam when Eric saw that they were only $5 more.  He paid $30 so they’re not expensive.  The video quality and sound are great, although I think a lot of that depends on your actual computer.



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2 responses to “I love Skype

  1. I agree! Skype is the max ! :)

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