Christmas with family

I know, I know, I’m just a little late on posting about Christmas. 

Since that lovely bug went through our house around Christmas, we didn’t celebrate with Eric’s family until the 28th and with mine until the 30th.  By that time, my brother Mike had already gone back to New York, so we were only able to see a glimpse of him when my family brought some presents over on the 24th.   

Pictures from Eric’s mom’s house:

Pictures from my parents’ house:

We had a lot of fun and received a lot of goodies.  Kenny’s favorite gifts were his DSI, Indiana Jones: Temple of Doom Lego set and his Dragon World Fortress.  Luke’s favorites were his Batman Bat Cave and Space Shuttle and Tower.  Imaginext toys were a big hit with our kids.  We also received a ton of movies and games, which really came in handy during the past 2 weeks when it was so cold out.  Plus, our movie selection wasn’t that extensive.  I like Toy Story but if I don’t see if for another 3 months, I’ll be happy:) 

Speaking of Toy Story, Luke loves Toy Story 2.  He was going around saying what we thought was, “not today sir” but turned out to really be, “not today Zurg.”  So, so stinkin’ cute.



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3 responses to “Christmas with family

  1. Karen

    Toy Story 2? Where did you get that? I can’t find it anywhere! And my kids prefer it to 1! Also – the batcave so totally rocks!

    • i have no idea were we got it – maybe as a past christmas present? we’ve had it for a year or maybe even two.
      if i have to see it one more time in the next few weeks, i may be sending our copy to you:)

  2. Great pics!!! We miss you all and wish you could come out and ski!

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