Luke’s furniture arrived and his room is now done.  I ended up buying Luke’s bed and dresser at PB Kids.  I bought Kenny’s furniture there too but at that time I was working at PB and able to use my discount (you have no idea how much I miss that discount).  Their sets are from different collections but in the same color.  I’m so glad I did that because we ended up switching furniture around.  Kenny got the desk that was up in our closet and the new dresser.  Luke got the new bed and Kenny’s locker, bedside table and dresser.  I like how they both turned out and I really like the fact that everything is put away and where it’s supposed to be.   

Luke’s doing pretty well in his bed.  I know he’s gotten out of bed a few times.  Once, I looked over and even saw his light on.  That’s one example of how Kenny and Luke are so different.  Kenny never would have dreamed of doing that.  He still doesn’t leave his room in the morning until we’re up (unless he has to go to the bathroom.  We’re being pretty strict with Luke to try to train him to be the same way.  I think he’ll be fine in the long run.




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2 responses to “D-O-N-E

  1. Love his furniture!

    We are also REALLY strict when the boys move to a big bed, and like Kenny, our two older boys took us seriously…Jack Henry isn’t getting out of bed in teh morning (he calls for us) and he’s not left his room in more than a week, though he does get out of bed more than the other two ever did, I’m sure.

    I hope Luke gets the idea quickly, too!

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