Cari did a post on her likes and dislikes that I liked and had to steal.

Like:  I purchased a new power cord for our computer today, which means we have access to the internet again. 

Dislike:  We’ve spent a ton of money on this computer in the past month.


Like:  Eric and I beat the new Wii Super Mario Bros. game for the 2nd time, including every coin in every level, level 9 and Bowser twice (there are 2 different endings per game).  We even did it without continuing the 2nd time. 

Dislike:  That means we played the Wii way too much.


Like:  We came in 7th out of 26 teams at our church’s annual trivia night.  I can’t wait for next year!  What could be better than family, friends, a mexican buffet, drinks (beer and margaritas) and trivia for only $15/person?

Dislike:  The category on Jimmy Buffett and House.  We got 0/10 questions right on the Jimmy Buffett one and only 5 right on the House one. 


Like:  KU beat K-State on Saturday night and (if that wasn’t good enough) is ranked #1 again. 

Dislike:  Absolutely nothing.  Everything is right in the world in terms of college basketball.


Like:  Luke’s still doing good in the potty training department (except for dislike listed below).

Dislike:  He’s still only going #2 in his diaper in the morning before we get up or during nap time.


Like:  Eric’s work is having a promotional process for a new Sergeant.  I’ll be crossing every finger possible until the process is over.  

Dislike:  This process will be going on during March and April, which is when Eric was hoping to go to Spain to see his sister.  That won’t be happening now.



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9 responses to “Like/Dislike

  1. illinigirl

    DANGIT. Too bad I wasn’t on your team for Jimmy Buffett support. I have much knowledge. :)

    I HATE being internetless. I used to do okay with it up until a few years ago. . . but now, I go crazy. I am officially a dork/junkie.

    • alright, can you tell me when his bday is, what his son’s name is, how many books he has written and how many #1 hits he’s had? they were really random questions. if you can name those, you may have to come to kc next year to join our team.

  2. jamie

    We’ve wanted that Super Mario game for a few weeks now…now I really want it, but not sure I’ll like what it does to my “free” time at night or my early bed time!

  3. I can’t believe that I still haven’t played Super Mario Bros with Matt. I’ve got to do that sometime soon!

  4. I like all your likes! That’s a great idea, I might have to steal it.

  5. Glad you liked the likes/dislike post. I actually modeled it off of those In/Out/5 mins ago columns they do in magazines, but 3 categories seemed a bit much.

    Trivia is *always* lands in the like column for me.

  6. I just talked to Eric on skype, but just because he can’t come when Jenny and Mom do doesn’t mean he can’t come!! I definitely want to have him look at coming in April. I also have 2 big trips planned in April… so if he decides soon he could get super cheap trips to Rome/Ireland with me!!

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