There really is such a thing as too much chocolate – and this picture proves it.  

And just so you get the full effect, here’s another picture.  Yes, it is almost as big as my 5-year-old. 

Eric gave this to me for Valentine’s Day.  Too bad I’m giving up chocolate for Lent, which starts in 2 days. 

 Chocolate, anyone?



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8 responses to “Chocolate

  1. WHOA! That is a SERIOUS amount of chocolate. YUM!

  2. Luckily chocolate will still be good in 40 days!

  3. Karen

    40 days! I say get busy in these next 2 days!

  4. What, you can’t eat that much candy in a whole 2 days? I seriously could!

  5. So. I know this girl who lives in Spain. And she would love all your left over chocolates. You know her address. :o)

  6. If you need some help just let me know. Good luck! You are possibly inspiring me to try to give up chocolate as well! Possibly… :)

  7. Did you finish the box before Wednesday? What did you do with the leftovers, if any?

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