Oscar night ramblings

– The only Oscar nominated movies that I’ve seen are Up and Sherlock Holmes.  I still really want to see Inglourious Basterds. 

– I love Colin Firth.  He should have won – not that I saw the movie or anything but solely because of my love for him.

 – I’m not a big Alec Baldwin fan but he and Steve Martin were H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S. 

– I’m SO glad that they didn’t get political.  That annoys me more than anything else. 

– We saw Shutter Island last night and I’m sure it’ll be up for an Oscar next year.  It was really good.  Not I’d watch a million times good, but glad I saw it good. 

– The boys spent the night at my parents’ last night so Eric and I went to see the movie and then I had the rest of the night to myself when Eric went to work.  It was glorious.

– My mom, Luke and I went to church this morning while my dad stayed home with Kenny, who has a bit of a cold.  There was this little boy sitting behind us named Michael.  At some point during mass, Michael’s mom told him not to do something.  Luke looked at him and said, “Yeah, Michael.”  Then while the rest of the congregation was singing a hymn, Luke decided to sing about Batman and Joker.  I didn’t hear him but my mom did.  I’m hoping it wasn’t the “Jingle Bells, Batman smells” song but I have a feeling it was. 

– I decided to stop and wash my car on the way home today.  Half way through the wash cycle, Kenny accidentally opened his window.  The sprayer was right on his side so we all got wet.  At that point, all you can do is laugh.

– My ankles and shins are killing me.  I took Mac for a run on Friday and spent the majority of the time trying to pull him back.

– Kenny’s last basketball game was on Saturday.  We missed it because we thought it started at 1 but it was really at noon.  Oops. 

– Soccer starts on Wednesday.  And then t-ball in May.  And then swim team (pre-competitive), swim lessons and soccer in June.  And on and on it goes.  I’m not complaining.



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6 responses to “Oscar night ramblings

  1. illinigirl

    Hmmm. . . you’re a Colin Firth fan? Never would have guessed that.


    I’m 99% sure that very P&P fan is a Colin Firth fan. I don’t think it’s possible to like one and not like the other!

  2. i really liked Inglorious Basterds. I also LOVED Up in the Air.

    I don’t know if your background in airlines would make you like it more or less than I did, but it’s a cute love story if nothing else.

    I actually rented the Hurt Locker without even watching it. I was just never in the right moood. I guess it will be on long wait now :)

  3. I LOVED the Blindside… you NEED to see it. Its probably my new fave. :o)

  4. I LOL’d at the church thing. I would DIE with laughter if a kid did that during a Mass I attended!

    The last movie I’ve seen, period, was Inglorious Basterds.

  5. I loved Inglorious Basterds as well! And I too would have been cracking up at Luke in church. :)

  6. Ali

    I’m with ya on Colin Firth. We didn’t watch but wish we would have. Will try to see Shutter Island since you say it’s good but it looks pretty intense! And–the church story is awesome.

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