How you doin’?

This is about how we all feel:

We’ve all got this nasty cold virus, although I think Luke got hit the hardest.  Kenny stayed home from school on Monday (his first sick day) and Eric even called in sick to work that same day.  Eric never calls in sick so you know it’s bad.  We all just need a few days of rest and then we should be back to normal.



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8 responses to “How you doin’?

  1. illinigirl

    Awwww. :(

  2. Karen

    Yes – this was Will’s first sick day too. He is red and chapped from his upper lip to his nose! Poor things!

  3. Feel better soon! I’m sorry you have all been hit, it seems like this winter has been horrible for illnesses all over the place. Maybe because the season started so early it had time to hit each family at least twice. Get some rest!

  4. Poor little Luke! :( I hope you all feel better soon.

  5. Oh no! I’m sorry everyone is under the weather. Poor Luke–that is TRULY a “sick face.” :(

  6. Ali

    the stuff going around the last month or so is really bad! hang in there–hopefully another day and you guys should be on the mend a little.

  7. This is the saddest picture ever. :o( Can you post a happy one to counter it please?

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