You might want to go here and look yourself up.  It doesn’t just have your address and phone number, it also has your likes, children, etc.  Not all of the information is right but it still shared a little too much info for me.  You can go down to the privacy tab at the bottom to have yourself removed.



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4 responses to “TMI

  1. Sonya

    Seriously, this is disturbing…..they have a pic of our house on there from after we moved in….and it says it pulls from real estate listings. Clearly, someone took a pic of this house since we’ve moved in cause you can see my flowers in it and this house was brand new w/o flowers…..

  2. jamie

    I agree. I know that kind of stuff is online about me, but what hit home was 1. seeing that it mentions that I have kids and 2. seeing a picture of my home (Which I know is straight from Google Earth, but I don’t like it)

  3. thanks for this! i’ll post it sometime soon, too. i changed my privacy setting right away!

  4. My info on there is all wrong. It says my house is worth a million plus. I wish! ;)

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