Easter 2010

We had a busy and full Easter morning.  The boys woke up to find a lot of goodies in their baskets and candy filled eggs hidden around the house.  We think they found them all but since I didn’t count them ahead of time, we’re not exactly sure.  I have a feeling that a stray one might pop up in the next few weeks. 

After that, we all got dressed and met my parents at church.  Then we went to my parents’ house, where the Easter bunny had dropped off even more treats for all of us.

I tried so hard to get a good picture of the boys in their Easter outfits but it just wasn’t going to happen today.  So, I got this one and called it a day. 

I hope everyone had a great Easter!



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2 responses to “Easter 2010

  1. illinigirl

    Well, at least you didn’t hide *real* eggs and weren’t sure if you lost one! :)

  2. I always forget to count the eggs! :) Happy (late) Easter!

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