House hunting day 1

Here’s how our first day of house hunting went:

House #1:  Cute house in a cute neighborhood with a huge backyard.  The backyard was so big that it had a half basketball court in it and it STILL looked huge.  I don’t know if the huge backyard is a positive or negative.  We have two huge dogs and there’s no way we could fence the whole thing.  This was Kenny’s favorite house.

House #2:  This was my favorite one.  The house was just adorable but the backyard was tiny.  We’re talking teeny tiny.  Like, maybe too small for our dogs tiny.

House #3:  It was okay.  Just okay.

House #4:  This was Eric’s favorite.  The house was really cute BUT it’s two houses off of a big street so that was kind of the deal breaker for me.  

House #5:  This one was a cape cod (like our current house), which I love.  It was in a great neighborhood but everything on the inside would need to be updated (carpet, flooring, countertops, etc).  I don’t know that we want to do that much work on our next house. 

I know we’ll eventually walk into a house and just know it’s what we want – I just hope it’s sooner than later.


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7 responses to “House hunting day 1

  1. Amanda

    Ummm… since when are you house hunting?? I am SO out of the loop from everything…

  2. Speaking of house hunting, I need to email chat with you… brother is moving to Kansas City June 1st. Looking in Overland park this past weekend – is that a good area? I’ll email message you if I can find your email address…..

    Maybe this will give us an opportunity to meet up again when we visit him! :-)

  3. it’s so frustrating, isn’t it?

    but be patient! the perfect house is out there :)

  4. Yay! House hunting is so fun!!! I want to see some pictures!!! Is your house for sale?

  5. Good luck! You all have done beautiful things to your house so I am sure you will hear what you want to hear! :)

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