The craziness is over

I am so glad that last week is over.  I know it’s a busy time of year for everyone but it was getting a little bit ridiculous for me. 

1.  Teacher Appreciation Week –  I’m one of the room moms in Kenny’s class so we had to plan a week of surprises for Mrs. B.  She’s moving to NYC this summer so we didn’t want to get her more stuff but still wanted it to be nice for her.  Our week looked like this:

Monday – flowers from all the kids

Tuesday – breakfast muffins and a gift card to Starbucks

Wednesday – letters from the kids

Thursday – letters from the parents and candy

Friday – gift certificate to Barnes and Noble

I think it went pretty well.

2.  Cinco de Mayo – Kenny’s class had a party of Wednesday.  We were in charge of bringing guacamole and a pinata and helping out at the party.  The actual party was GREAT.  I took a ton of pictures.

3.  Pictures – I took all those pictures and the other 1,293, 238 from the year and started a password protected sharing site for our class on Shutterfly.  I like Shutterfly but it takes so much longer to download pictures on there than it does on Snapfish.  Or at least that’s how it is on my computer.  

4.  Carnival – Kenny’s school has the best carnival.  The guy who is in charge of it really does a good job.  There were real rides, inflatables, normal carnival games (silent auction, cake walk, games where you throw things, etc) and a community concert with a local band at the end of the night. 

You can only see the top of Luke’s head in the above picture but he had the biggest smile on his face the entire time.  Kenny went from smiling to looking like he was going to throw up to smiling again.  We were laughing pretty hard.

5.  Carnival – our class was in charge of security, which ended up being the best job.  We basically just had to watch a back gate to make sure that people didn’t try to park in the back parking lot and wander the halls.  I hope we get it again next year.  The only bad thing was that we were one of few classes that had to do something from 5:15-10 (the majority only had to work the games from 5:30-8:30).  Since we only have 10 families in our class, we were worried that it would be hard to fill all the timeslots but the majority of the parents stepped up and really helped.  I really like our class.  It does seem like the same parents help out all the time but we’re lucky that it’s the majority of the parents who do so. 

6.  Bible School – Wednesday was Kenny’s last day of bible school.  Both he and Luke will go in the fall (can we say free time for me). 

7.  Sports – T-ball started so for 2 weeks we’ll have soccer and t-ball going on simultaneously.  Kenny has been doing so good at soccer.  He scored a few goals and has been getting pretty aggressive during the games – not hurting other players aggresive but getting in there aggressive.  Soccer is definitely one of his sports.

8.  Mother’s Day – I had a great one this year.  Eric had to work in the morning so the boys and I went to church with my parents and then Billy met us all out for lunch at Cheddars.  That night, Eric made fish, green beans and potatos for me and his mom for dinner.  Kenny and Luke gave me some homemade cards and Kenny also had a teacup that he made at school for me – very cute.  Eric gave me tickets to Starlight this summer.  I had told him that I wanted to see Little House on the Prairie so he went out and bought the 3 ticket deal.  We’re going to see LHOTP, Beauty and the Beast (although he’s going to try to switch it out for Dream Girls) and the Producers.  I can’t wait.

9.  May and September are always crazy for me at work because part of my staff leaves and is replaced with new (mainly) teengaers.  I think I’ve sucked out every possible hour from the ones who are leaving me and have everything ready to go for the new ones.  Fun, fun, fun.  I still have more to get through in the next few weeks but nothing too bad. 


Now, I get to focus on my trip to NYC.  My mom and dad gave me tickets as part of my birthday present so my mom and I are going in less than two weeks to see my brother Mike.  We’re going to go see a Broadway musical (we’re not sure which one yet but we have it narrowed down to three), go to an art museum and shop, among other things.  I ordered 2 dresses from JCrew to wear to the musical and I think I’ve decided on this one.  Since we’re not sure if it will be an afternoon or evening show, I think that one will work the best.


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3 responses to “The craziness is over

  1. Karen Kelly

    Whew! Kenny has the busiest (and most fun) school ever! And talk about something to look forward to with the NYC trip. Awesome!

  2. illinigirl

    Holy cow! That’s a lot of stuff! Love the dress, and I’m so excited for your trip to NYC. . . It’s been too long since I’ve been there. . . I’m jealous! I will live vicariously through your blog. :)

  3. I like the dress! I, too, am jealous of your trip to New York. Do you know which museum you’re going to yet? I liked the Guggenheim, but MoMA was my favorite (although, to be honest, MoMA is usually my favorite, regardless of the city!)

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