Luke’s 1st trip to the emergency room

(Also titled ‘Don’t look any further if you don’t like blood’.)

I was at a meeting at work when Eric called me to say that he was taking Luke to the hospital after Luke dropped a five-pound weight on his finger.  Eric had the weight out while he was doing P90X.  At some point, Luke picked up the weight, dropped it and it landed on his thumb.  It was not pretty.  Here comes the gross picture so feel free to skip it.

His poor little finger had to be stitched where the lacerations were the worst and then his fingernail had to be stitched back on.  On top of that, his finger is in a splint because his finger is broken.  He was a little trooper though.  They numbed his finger but it wasn’t enough when they were doing the stitches.  Each stitch hurt even more because of the broken bone.  He was crying and screaming at the top of his lungs at that point.  I was even tearing up – and one of the nurses was too.  Luke was okay after that, as long as his finger was covered up so he couldn’t see it.    

We’re home now and he’s in bed.  He has pain killers and an antibiotic to take for the next 10 days.  We’ll go see Dr. Miller in 3-5 days to make sure it’s healing right and that there isn’t an infection and then the stitches should come out in a week.  Wish us luck – I am not looking forward to changing the dressings.  Eric may have to be the one to do that.



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5 responses to “Luke’s 1st trip to the emergency room

  1. Oh, poor Luke, and poor Mom and Dad, too! Hope it heals quickly and that the dressing changes are less dramatic than you’re thinking they might be.

  2. Eric

    I may have to be the one who changes the dressing? Yea, right you said last night you couldn’t do it. Don’t worry I’m big and tough and can take care of it.

  3. Karen Kelly

    Oh. Man. The poor poor guy. Did you ever think you’d wish pain like that on yourself just so that your little one didn’t have to go through it? What a brave guy!

  4. Blythe Donovan

    Yikes! Poor guy, poor mommy and poor daddy! I’m sorry that happened, kids get hurt so fast it doesn’t seem fair. Hope he is doing better!

  5. Poor guy… what a trooper!

    And thank *you* for the pre-warning about the blood shots.

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