Rainy day in KC yesterday = trip to Union Station to see the Dinosaurs Unearthed exhibit.

I think this was the same exhibit that was at the St. Louis zoo last year.  It had some great stuff – big dinosaurs that you could control so their bodies moved, a dino dig and lots of good info but I wish there was a little more to it.  We have a membership so we got a discount and even with that, I think we paid more than it was worth.  After I took this picture

the remainder of my pictures looked like this:

Kenny was oddly a little scared of the dinosaurs and the loud noises but he loosed up a little before we left. 

I hate (hate, hate, hate) stuffed animals but they love them so I relented and let them Build A Dino.  That was the highlight of their day.  They each dressed theirs up as super heroes (not surprised, are you?) and have had them by their sides for the entire day.  Kenny’s is Stuffy and Luke’s is Super Dino. 



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2 responses to “Dinos

  1. Karen Kelly

    Funny – I have to remember how much I LOVED stuffed animals as a child to stay more lenient with them around here. BUT Ugh! Any suggestions on getting rid of them?

    • our school was collecting stuffed animals to give to the kids in haiti. i tried sooooo hard to get my kids to donate some of theirs without any luck. if you find a way, let me know.

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