Kenny’s 6th bday party (w/ friends)

Kenny wanted to have his (Batman) birthday at the Deanna Rose Farmstead.  I waited as long as I could to book it because I wasn’t sure about the weather.  One day it would say that it was going to be sunny out, the next it would say storms.  We decided to just do it and if we had to reschedule, so be it.  As we were driving out there on Tuesday, the sky was blue except for this one huge black cloud that was hanging in the air.  It looked like it had passed the Farmstead so we weren’t too worried. 

We got there, set up and then the kids started arriving.  Just as one of the last of the 9 kids arrived, Eric told me that I needed to get things going because a storm had popped up and was coming right for us.  We sang to Kenny, served the cake and that’s when the rain started.  We were lucky because I had picked an area (the Pig Pen) that was directly under a tree and they had umbrellas for us to put up.  Kenny opened up his presents and then as we left to go explore the Farmstead, the rain stopped.  We were so lucky.  It was soooo hot and humid but at least I didn’t send the kids home soaking wet. 

Kenny had a lot of fun.  We did too but I’ve never counted to 9 so many times in my life.  Thank you Amanda for helping us keep track of all the kids!

(Note:  The Farmstead was a GREAT place for a birthday party.  There was a lot to do with the kids and the birthday boy (or girl) gets a t-shirt and hat, which is why Kenny has one on in the first few pictures  You also get 20 tickets for the kids to use on things like the wagon or pony rides, fishing or mining.  If you use them on the wagon ride, make sure you bring cash so an adult can go on it too.)


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One response to “Kenny’s 6th bday party (w/ friends)

  1. Karen Kelly

    Awesome party idea! Planning outside events scares so much because of weather. Glad it worked out!

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