I would like to apologize to…

absolutely everybody that was sitting around us at Theatre in the Park on Friday night. 

Eric had picked up a midnight extra on Thursday night and then worked his normal shift on Friday.  This meant he was exhausted and went to bed early on Friday night.  I really wanted to see Annie so I decided to take the boys by myself. 

We got to Shawnee Mission Park around 7, bought our tickets and then waited in line until the gates opened at 7:30.  The show didn’t start until 8:30 so I came prepared with snacks, a book for Kenny and some Toy Story action figures for Luke.    

The musical started at 8:30 and things were still going well – Luke was a little restless and I had to keep telling him to stay on our blanket (and off our neighbor’s) but it wasn’t a big deal.  Two and a half hours into the show, Luke was done.  I mean, done.  With 5 minutes left in the show (that lasted until 11:15), I decided that I just couldn’t control him anymore and we were outta there.  Luke freaked out.  So, there I was trying to carry a chair, blanket, backpack and purse and Luke won’t budge.  I finally had to juggle everything and carry him out, screaming and hitting me then entire way.  Yes, we were that family.  I was so mad, I woke Eric up and had him deal with Luke when we got home. 

All I can say is, Luke is definitely 3.  And he won’t be going back to Theatre in the Park this summer.



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2 responses to “I would like to apologize to…

  1. oh dear. well, at least it’s over. and if it makes you feel any better, we’ve all been there at least once.

  2. Karen Kelly

    Yes, we have all been there. And if it’s any consolation, Annie is a fave around here – only we skip to all the singing parts only. Watching the whole thing is a marathon!

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