Luke’s 1st tball practice

Luke started tball tonight, the first sport he’s ever played.  Practice didn’t exactly go like we had expected.  He’s my wild child and is not shy whatsoever so we thought he’d be all over the place.  Luke surprised us by wanting to either hold my hand or have me hold him for the first half of practice.  He loosened up (on me and in attitude) after that. 

How cute is he?

Here’s his schedule:

Tuesday, July 6 – practice

Thursday, July 8 – practice

Tuesday, July 13 – practice

Thursday, July 15 – practice

Tuesday, July 20 – game @ 6pm

Thursday, July 22 – game @ 6pm

If any of the two games are rained out, they’ll be made up on Tuesday, July 27 and Thursday, July 29.

Call/text me for the location.


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One response to “Luke’s 1st tball practice

  1. mary mccullough

    Luke is so cute. Love the one of him at the T batting.

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