O-maha day 1

We took the kids on a quick, two-day trip to Omaha.  Day #1 consisted of the drive up there, checking in to our hotel, melting at the zoo and swimming at the hotel pool.  The zoo was fabulous, heat and all.  We had heard that you needed two days to get through it all but we did it in one.  We did skip the tram, train, Dairy World, the Garden of the Senses and just about every bird and snake there.  And, we’re not dawdlers so I’m sure that took a chunk of time off our day.  The jungle, aquarium and Skyfari were our favorite things there by far. 

Note to zoo:  Having real spiders dangling overhead in the Butterfly and Insect Pavilion is not cool.  Not cool at all.



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2 responses to “O-maha day 1

  1. Karen Kelly

    Spider part: freaky. All the rest – really cool!

  2. they even had a sign that said something like ‘look up at the orb spiders’. i saw one orb spider above my head and i was outta there.

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