Luke (screaming at the top of his lungs and pointing):  “THAT MAN LOOKS LIKE A PIRATE!”   

Pirate, no.  Man wearing a patch over his eye, yes. 




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7 responses to “Aargh!

  1. hahaha…where were you?

  2. Karen Kelly

    SO FUNNY! I don’t know a kid who doesn’t equate a patch on the eye with a pirate! C’mon!

  3. It was Easter Sunday, and my mom’s sister & her family were staying with us for the holiday. We went to Mass that morning, and my cousin who was about 2 yrs old at the time (now 12), was standing on a pew, looking backwards. At the back of the church, the priest and the deacon were assembling for the procession with the altar servers and readers, etc. The priest back then had a problem with his retina, and wore a black eye patch. (I’m sure you know where this is going) All of a sudden, she pulls out her pacifier and yells, “MOMMY! It’s Captain Hook!!!!” My aunt & uncle’s faces turned bright red and they just stared on straight ahead. There was a lot of giggling pre-Mass that Easter Sunday ;-)

  4. Annie

    That is HILARIOUS! Kids say the darndest things….=)

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