9 years ago

…I was in Amsterdam, with my driver yelling, “the Twin Towers, they’re gone, the Pentagon, it’s gone, the White House, it’s gone.”  That wasn’t quite 100% accurate, but not too far off either.

…I was in Amsterdam, trying to figure out what hell was going on back in the USA.

…I was in Amsterdam, absolutely horrified as I watched the news reports.  I still remember the shots they showed of the poor people choosing to jump to their death when trapped by the flames. 

…I was in Amsterdam, buying these papers:

…I was in Amsterdam, trying to get ahold of my family and friends.  Everyone was more than a little freaked out when they couldn’t get ahold of me.  I had a record number of voice mails when I got back to the US and was able to access them.

…I was in Amsterdam, trying to figure out if it would be better to stay in the Netherlands for a few extra days or go back to the US as soon as possible.   

…I was in Amsterdam, feeling bad for the stranded passengers that were trying to get home to the US but still not ready to have them on my flight.  I know that sounds horrible but our plane would have been full of fuel and passing right over the east coast.  In the end, our flight left with crew only a few nights later.

God bless all those who lost their lives on that day.


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2 responses to “9 years ago

  1. illinigirl

    I can’t imagine what that would be like to be out of the country. It’s amazing that you were only delayed a few days, too. What a scary time to be a flight attendant!

  2. Karen Kelly

    I remember being home in central IL and wanting to stay there the rest of my life in the immediate aftermath of this, so I can’t imagine being over seas during this.

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