School closings

I am so happy tonight. 

Earlier this month, our school district announced that due to budget cuts, some schools would be closing.  Kenny’s school only has 320 kids (up from 298 last year), which is pretty small for around here.  We were really worried that his would be one of the ones to close, especially with all the rumors and speculations going on. 

If our school was on the chopping block, Eric and I were already on the same page of what we would do – move.  It’s not that we don’t like the school that the kids probably would have fed into.  It really is a good school but it already has over 500 kids.  Adding all of ours (or even part) would make it huge.  

Luckily, our school wasn’t even mentioned in the proposal tonight.  We don’t have to stress about moving right now (which is a whole other post itself).  We don’t have to say good-bye to friends.  Like I said, I am so happy tonight.



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3 responses to “School closings

  1. happy for you! school budget cuts are so stressful. does this mean a huge influx of kids into kenny’s school?

    • no, we lucked out all around. our school district is split into 5 main high school areas (east, west, north, south and northwest). we’re in the east area and the elementary school closings effected the northwest, west and south district. our area and the north area each had a middle school close, but we were the only 2 areas that had 2 middle schools so it wasn’t a big shocker.

  2. illinigirl

    Thank goodness!

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