Riddle me this – The Office edition

In honor of The Office tonight, see how many of these you can answer:

1.  Who said, “I get 10 vacation days a year and I try to hold off taking them for as long as possible.  This year I got to the third week in January.”


2.  What was Jan’s hyphenated last name before her divorce?


3.  There’s a selection of Dwight’s stuff inside the vending machine.  What does Pam want?

The pencil cup

4.  During their grief counseling session Kevin tells a story about his dead uncle which has more than a passing resemblance to the plot of what movie?

Weekend at Bernie’s

5.  Angela says she wants to see it everyday.  Oscar says it’s offensive.  What are they discussing?

Her poster of babies playing music

6.  Dwight gets a fax that reads, “Dwight, at 8 a.m. today someone poisons the coffee…”  Who sent it?

Future Dwight (Jim)

7.  Jim’s training Dwight to have a conditioned reaction to a stimulus the same way scientists train animals.  In Jim’s experiment he uses his computer reboot chime as a stimulus and what mints as a reward?


8.  Who at Dunder Mufflin has never won a Dundie?


9.  After Dwight protects Jim from Roy, Jim tries to give him a gift in return.  What is it?

A glass display for his bobblehead

10.  Kelly didn’t catch Phyllis’ wedding bouquet because this person knocked it out of her hand.  Who?


Note:  All of these questions came from The Office trivia game that I bought in NY.  I love it and already told Eric that I want the sequel for Christmas.



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8 responses to “Riddle me this – The Office edition

  1. aaahhh! i thought i’d be good at this, and these are hard! so, without looking them up…

    1. Stanley?
    2. Jan Levinson-Gould
    3. no idea
    4. Weekend at Bernie’s
    5. Her cat posters
    6. wasn’t it him?
    7. Altoids
    8.?? Michael wouldn’t have given Toby one, but I don’t know if that’s right.
    9. ??
    10. OK, I googled this one: RYAN! Haha.

    We have a trivia game, I’ll have to get it out tonight for Matt and me to play!

  2. 1. Pam
    3. pencil cup
    6. Future Dwight
    8. is it Andy?
    9. I feel like there’s a gift card or something that Dwight won’t accept, and then the official police dept. commendation with the teddy bear on it that Dwight won’t accept–Jim calls it even when he sees Dwight & Angela together and doesn’t tell anyone

  3. Karen Kelly

    I just watch and laugh. Not too much retainment or thinking going on. :)

  4. illinigirl

    I knew some. . . but not many, despite the fact that I’ve seen every episode!

    I think I’m like Karen. . . I think some episodes are so funny, but when I try and call my sister or best friend to talk about what we loved the most. . . I can only remember a few specific things. . . even though I laugh the whole episode!

    I was kind of let down by The Office last season. I hope it’s back to it’s normal standards! I am disappointed Parks and Recreation isn’t new tonight. . . it’s my new fav!

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