$ machine

Kenny won the entertainment book sale at his school (mainly due to my MIL selling 7 of the 12 to her co-workers – thank you guys!)  His reward was 45 seconds a money machine, which is one of those things where the air blows money around while you try to catch as much as possible.  We prepped him ahead of time by telling him to grab some money, stick it in his shirt and then grab some more.  But, he was so excited when he got in it that he completely forgot and just grabbed a handful and basically held onto it.  He only came out with $3 but the first place seller was guaranteed to win a certain amount no matter what so he was more than ecstatic when all was said and done. 



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2 responses to “$ machine

  1. Karen Kelly

    I never want to do one of those. I’d be too nervous about what strategy to use!

  2. so cute! he’ll remember that forever (even if he only got $3!).

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