What can I say, the boy likes sticks

Luke’s last soccer game was last week.  The league he played for had it so the kids had three practices and three games.  This is what his games looked like:

Game 1:  He probably spent as much time kicking and chasing the ball as he spent running to me to get a drink of water.  Overall, not too bad of a game.

Game 2:  I think he kicked the ball three times.  The rest of the game was spent taking water breaks, bringing me flowers from the field or spinning in circles.  Basically, it was a typical three year old game.

Game 3:  I totally bribed Luke by saying that if he scored a goal, we would go out for ice cream afterwards.  My intentions weren’t to necessarily get him to score a goal but to just get him involved in the game.  That incentive did nothing and it was starting to look like it was going to be a repeat of game 2.  Then my neighbor, Zac, offered to give Luke a stick after the game if he kept kicking the ball.  Luke was all over it after that.  He didn’t always kick it towards the right goal but he was a little superstar for that last part of the game.  And yes, he did get that stick (and a medal) afterwards. 

Some kids need to be bribed with ice cream, mine just needs a stick. 

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One response to “What can I say, the boy likes sticks

  1. jamie

    Hilarious! I’m not gonna lie, last week I was so desperate to get Kohen more involved in his soccer games, I paid him $.10 every time he kicked the ball :) It worked! Money talks!

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