I heart Glee

These are my favorite Glee performances to date:

1.  Teenage Dream

2.  Poker Face (the video is a little slower than the music)

3.  Gives You Hell

4.  Toxic

5.  Sweet Caroline

6.  Sit Down, You’re Rockin’ the Boat – can you tell that Guys and Dolls is my favorite musical?

Did I miss any good ones?



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3 responses to “I heart Glee

  1. i LOVED teenage dream this week (and the girls’ mash-up!).

    i think that my all-time favorite, though, is the one that got me hooked on glee to begin with: don’t stop believin’.

  2. Karen Kelly


  3. Amanda

    Glee is my fave! I like the songs Mr. Scheuster sings… Bust a move was a good one!

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