Thanksgiving 2010 in numbers

0:  Number of runs we participated in.  This is the first year in a long time that we haven’t done the Sprint 5K.  Eric worked until 6:30 that morning so we decided to pass on it this year.  He slept while the boys and I took it easy and watched the Macy’s parade.

2:  Number of Thanksgiving meals we ate.  One with Eric’s family and one with mine. 

10:  Number of people who went down to the Plaza lighting ceremony.  This was the boys’ first time to see it live.  We met my brothers and the Martins down there around 5:30, went and got hot chocolate at Scooter’s and then headed to where the stage was set up in time for the countdown, lights and fireworks.  Getting out of there afterwards was a pain in the butt but totally worth it. 

Me and my brothers (Mike and Billy)

The fam

Eric and Luke


Here’s a video that I found on You Tube of the actual lighting.  It’s a big thing here in KC.


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