What’s going’ on

Here’s some of the craziness that’s been going on at our house via bullet points:

  • I am so behind on my Christmas stuff.  I just ordered my Christmas cards last night.  Actually, at first I ordered the picture of the boys that you’ll see on the card.  Less than an hour later I realized my mistake, tried to cancel that order and then ordered the actual card.  I love my kids but I don’t need 50 copies of that one picture:)  I have presents for all the kids in our families but I’m still working on the adults.  I have absolutely no idea what to get Eric.  I have a few little things and that’s about it.  I really don’t want that much this year either.  I want a food chopper thing, a movie, an I-tunes gift card and new pillows.  That’s all I can think of.   
  • In the midst of the holiday season, we’ve found a house that I think we’re going to put an offer on.  After much debating on whether we should move to a different area or stay close to here, we’ve finally decided that we’re staying in this area.  If we moved to Lenexa (where I grew up) or a little further south in Overland Park, we could definitely get a bigger house for the same amount of money.  But, we love this area.  The people are great and the schools are wonderful.  Kenny would even go to the same elementary school.  The high school that the boys will go to will never have a bad reputation.  It just won’t.  We already know some of the people who live on the street through the PTA and one of the ladies even emailed me after the first time we looked at the house to tell us how great that street is and that she hoped it would all work out.  Eric and I both work really close (1.5 miles and .5 miles respectively).  It is so nice that Eric can come home to eat during whatever shift he is on.  If we moved, we wouldn’t have that.  So, the house that we’ve found is on a street that we love (and that I’ve blogged about before).  It’s a two-story that looks like a cape cod but has a basement and more living space than we have now.  It’s already cute but it also has so much potential.  We looked at it for a second time yesterday and will probably put an offer down some time this week.  The offer will be contingent on how the inspection goes and on us selling our house.  The ‘us selling our house’ is the part that I’m freaking out about.  Our house is really cute and we’ve made a lot of big improvements to it (ex:  kitchen, fence, roof, etc)  but I’m not looking forward to always having to have the house clean and leaving for showings.  Cross your fingers that it sells quickly if we end up putting it on the market.  If you live in the KC area and know of someone looking for a house, send them our way. 
  • The plus side to possibly moving is that I didn’t have to put up a lot of Christmas decorations this year.  We put up our Christmas tree and brought out the Little People nativity, Christmas plates and cups for the boys and our wreath.  Pretty much everything else will stay packed up. 
  • My boss is having surgery today and he’ll be out for 4-6 weeks.  I’m trying to work a little more while he’s gone.  Plus, money is always good when you are thinking of moving. 
  • I have a surprise up my sleeve that I’m working on but can’t talk about yet.  Don’t y0u hate it when people do that:)
  • I joined a book club.  We read The Girl from Foreign in November and are reading Thinking in Pictures now.  I also have a huge stack of library books that I’m trying to get through.  I just read The Help and couldn’t put it down.  I started The Hunger Games two nights ago.  So far, so good.  I had to return The Girl Who Played with Fire without even reading a page of it.  I’m bummed about that one.  I’ve reserved it from the library again and am hoping it doesn’t take another three months to get it.  As you can see, I don’t really buy many books.  I only buy the ones that I’ll read over and over again (and I do).


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4 responses to “What’s going’ on

  1. wow…what an update! :)

    good luck on the house stuff! it’s so stressful, and i don’t envy you. i’m glad that ours is all behind us now, and i hope by next christmas you’ll be saying the same thing!

    i, too, LOVED “the help.” i could not put it down. best book i’ve read in a long time, and i can’t wait to see the movie!

  2. Kelley

    Wow, you’re busy! Good luck selling the house if that’s what you decide to do. Is the house you’ve looked at on Candy Cane Lane? That’s the only one I remember you mentioning before, but that’s not that far from where you live now so I can’t be sure.

    Also, I’m so behind on cards this year (and didn’t do them the last few years…) that I’m probably going to send out a happy new year card instead :)

  3. illinigirl

    Okay, I need to read “The Help”. Too many people recommending it. The problem is that I already have books in the queue. I started “The Hunger Games” a few weeks ago, but I kept falling asleep after a few pages so I need to try again. My friends LOVE it. . . and they are making a movie, which they say will be the new obsession (a.k.a. Twilight replacement).

    I can’t remember the order of the books. . . is the “The Girl Who Played with Fire” #2 or #3. Oh, so good. I’m sad to be finished!!!

    Good luck with the house!

    • the hunger games was good. especially once the nominees for the actual hunger game is announced, maybe a chapter or 2 in. i’m on the waitlist for the 2nd one but already have the 3rd. i think i’m just going to go ahead and read it out of turn, which i normally don’t like to do.
      the help was fantastic. i had a lot of people recommend it to me too but i wasn’t that excited to actually read it. but once i started it, it completely sucked me in.
      the girl who played with fire is #2 in the series. i cannot wait to read it. i loved the first one. i think the movie for the 2nd one is out so i’m tempted to get it and watch it before i get the book back.

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