Conferences (fall 2010)

I had conferences for Kenny and Luke last month and they both went great.  Here’s what their teachers had to say:


His teachers wrote –

We are pleased by the way Luke independently enters the classroom.  He is able to initiate activities on his own.  His initial plan is the Block Area, putting together and building.  Luke built a “jeep” with a jail on the back out of duplo blocks.  he then held up a duplo man and asked Julie, “Can you help me make him sit in it?”  Luke is exploring activities in all areas of the classroom.  He was preparing “food” in the House Area and using crayons at the easel in the Art Area.  He is cooperative at clean-up time and follows the classroom routine and rules.  At snack time, Luke joins in the conversation with his small group.  He takes care of his own needs e.g. going to the bathroom and washing hands.  He seems to enjoy his day at Preschool. 

Looking ahead…We hope to foster peer interaction at work time.


Kenny’s conference went pretty quick.  Mrs. L had all good things to say.  She was starting Kenny and another boy in his class on second grade math and reading. 



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2 responses to “Conferences (fall 2010)

  1. Sonya

    Good job, boys! Andrew recently started second grade reading and math, too!

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