Talk this way

Back in December, I saw information from our school district on speech therapy for pre-elementary kids.  Luke’s speech didn’t seem to be coming along like it should – or at least like I remember Kenny’s sounding.  I decided to have him evaluated, twice actually.  Our school district evaluated Luke in January and then I had him tested at his preschool in February. 

The evaluators agreed on what was wrong.  They said that kids tend to either drop letter sounds or substitute them.  Luke does them both but not consistently.  For example, he can say snake fine but says yet when he’s trying to saying yes.  His preschool evaluator thought that he would probably grow out of it and just wanted him to be checked again in the fall.  Our school district was on the fence with their decision and finally had him come back for a second evaluation with the speech teacher at Kenny’s school.  She (Mrs. Z) spent some time with Luke and recommended that he take the special speech classes. 

Beginning next week, he’ll get to go to Kenny’s school every Monday from 10:30-11 to work with Mrs. Z.  She said that her goal is to have Luke finished after 36 weeks of class (he won’t go in the summer).  Next year will be a little harder because he’ll have preschool on Monday mornings but I’ll just take him out early on those days. 

I am so glad that we’ve finally got the ball rolling.


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