Family portrait

Luke drew this picture of our family the other day. 

(Me, Eric, Luke, Kenny, Mac and Camille)

You can always tell which one is Luke because he likes to draw his belly button:) 

I have to share this story that happened last week…

Luke came out with another picture of our family.  In the picture, it looked like Eric had a tail.  When I asked Luke why he had given his dad a tail, he said that it wasn’t a tail, it was his pen!$.  We had to have a little talk about why it’s not really appropriate to draw private parts after that, all while trying not to crack up laughing.



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3 responses to “Family portrait

  1. first of all, cute picture!

    but HILARIOUS about the private parts drawing! i’m pretty sure one of my boys did that at 3 years old, too!

  2. Karen Kelly

    Hysterical. And I bet in some way, Eric was proud! :)

  3. Annie Rogers

    That’s HILARIOUS!

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