This led to that

This comment led to a meeting with Kenny’s teacher (Mrs. L), which led to an interview with one of the gifted education facilitators, which led to a meeting between the facilitator, Mrs. L, the principal, the school therapist, Eric and I, which led to Kenny being accepted into the gifted program. 

There was actually a lot more that went into the process, including a huge project that Kenny had to put together.  He’s really into astronomy now so he chose to do it on the Orion constellation and the myth behind it.  This project consisted of a power point presentation, links, pictures, a book, a question and answer session with his class and a planetarium (made from an oatmeal container).  I’m going to try to download it onto here later if I can.  He and Mrs. L spent a lot of time working on it. 

Overall, I think that joining this program is going to be really good for Kenny.  Mrs. L has been a WONDERFUL teacher but he needs more.  He’s way ahead, two to three grades ahead, in science, math, writing and reading.  For example, he’s already finished second grade math (independently) and is around half way through with third grade. 

Since we’re so close to the end of the school year, Kenny won’t start until August.  I know there are two other first graders in his school that have already started so he won’t be alone.  Once a week, a bus will take them to the school where the program is based at and they’ll spend half of their day there.  It should be fun.  Challenging, but fun.



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2 responses to “This led to that

  1. illinigirl

    Good job, Kenny! That’s great! :D

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