The one where I complain a lot

We were partially without power for the last two days.  And when I say partially, I mean that we didn’t have power to the things that count (like the refrigerator and air conditioning). 

A big storm rolled through here on Friday night.  We had power before we left for Kenny’s swim meet on Saturday morning but when we got home we weren’t getting power to one side of our breaker box.  How do I know this?  That would be because I called KCP&L to see if the partial power was likely due to the storm or if it was a bigger problem and I needed an electrician.  They said I would have to make that decision so one electrician and $100 later, I was told that it was a problem for KCP&L. 

We are very lucky that we have family in town that we were able to stay with (thanks Mom and Dad!) but I had to throw all our food that was in our refrigerator away.  And then I got to spend more money on refilling said refrigerator.  Also, KCP&L doesn’t have a system set up to tell you when your power was on so I had to keep driving home to see if we did or didn’t.  Very frustrating!

Eric lucked out.  He was in Portland for his cousin’s wedding and got to miss all the fun.



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2 responses to “The one where I complain a lot

  1. oh, this stinks. i would complain too! a few summers ago we were without power for about 2 days, and i had to empty the fridge, too. that’s the worst…replenishing all of the condiments, dairy, etc is expensive!

  2. Karen Kelly

    AWFUL! I would might have cussed about that.

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