Groupon vacation

We took our first Groupon vacation a few weeks ago.  It was for a two night stay at the Lodge of Four Seasons down in the Ozarks and included free golfing (which we didn’t use), two free drinks and 4 free breakfasts.  The rooms at the hotel were okay (nothing special) but the rest of the hotel was great.  We rented a jet ski and boat from the marina there and used all the pools.  We would go back in a heartbeat. 

Day 1:

– drove 3 hours from KC to the Ozarks

– explored the hotel

– rented a jet ski

– swam in pool #1

– swam in pool #2

Day 2:

– breakfast in the hotel

– moved our 10:00 boat rental to 10:30 due to the storm that was moving out of the area

– 4 hours of tubing and riding in the boat

– swam in pool #3

Now get ready for a ton of pictures:



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2 responses to “Groupon vacation

  1. fun! we’ve never done a groupon vacation…would you do it again?

    i think my boys would love tubing!

    • yes! eric even told me to keep an eye out for another good one. even though we weren’t using the golfing part of the package, the groupon was still cheaper than if we had booked on-line (not to mention the free drinks and breakfasts).
      my brother, billy, bought a groupon for a mexico vacation and i can’t wait to hear how it goes after he uses it.

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