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Happy Halloween 2011

I took these pictures on Friday night before and at the trunk-or-treat at Kenny’s school.


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Pumpkin patch 2011

Better late than never, right?

And here are two from when Eric and I went with Luke’s class to the Weston Red Barn Farm (my favorite pumpkin patch).  It was SO cold that day.

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8000 for 8000

Have you ever thought about sponsoring a child or adult in need? 

 The president of CFCA walked 8000 miles between December 2009 and June 2011 to bring attention to families in poverty.  He would like to have 8000 children sponsored, one for each mile he walked.  If you would like to help him reach his goal and make a difference in a child’s life, you can go HERE to get started or just to get more information. 

I can attest to how wonderful the sponsorship experience is.  We’ve been sponsoring Ivan from Colombia since 2009.  It’s one of the best things we’ve ever done.  We just received his Christmas card last week, complete with a recent picture.  He’s just adorable and it’s been great to see how he’s grown throughout the last two years.   

There are so many WONDERFUL organizations out there but here are two of the top reasons why we chose to sponsor a child through CFCA:

1.  This website evaluates the different charities.  They gave CFCA 4 out of 4 stars.  I think it’s huge that 94.1% of the money raised goes right to the program.     

2.  I live in Kansas City so I love that CFCA is based here. 

Think about it:)


We’ve done an 8000 for 8000 workout over at MDS to show support for what he’s doing.


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Eric’s 1st marathon

Eric ran the Kansas City Marathon on October 15th! 

It was funny because, for the first week following the race, he swore that he would never run another marathon.  Then, once the pain receded, he changed his mind and said that he wants to do another one.  I think it’s kind of like having a child.  You kind of forget how painful it actually was after a while.



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Keep calm and rock chalk on

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Future careers

While Kenny is still holding steady to the dream of being an astronomer when he gets older, Luke swears he’ll be a baseball player. 

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4 = the number of games the kids had on Saturday.

We went from Luke’s soccer game to Kenny’s football game to Kenny’s two soccer games.

  • Luke is getting so good at being aggressive in soccer games.  He didn’t score a goal but he came this close two different times. 
  • Kenny was the QB for part of his football game.  His team finally had their first win. 
  • Kenny’s soccer team is really good.  They won every game last season.  Our entire team moved to a different league this season (along with the majority of the teams we played against in the past).  They’ve lost two games this season (including one on Saturday) but I think it’s good that they did.   

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