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4 = the number of games the kids had on Saturday.

We went from Luke’s soccer game to Kenny’s football game to Kenny’s two soccer games.

  • Luke is getting so good at being aggressive in soccer games.  He didn’t score a goal but he came this close two different times. 
  • Kenny was the QB for part of his football game.  His team finally had their first win. 
  • Kenny’s soccer team is really good.  They won every game last season.  Our entire team moved to a different league this season (along with the majority of the teams we played against in the past).  They’ve lost two games this season (including one on Saturday) but I think it’s good that they did.   


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Luke’s 1st field trip

I went with Luke’s class to the Beanstalk Children’s Garden for their first field trip.  It was also Luke’s first bus ride.  The little stinker didn’t even sit with me.  I had to sit by myself in the front while he sat with his friend A.




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