Happy 4th birthday Mac!

Mac turned four last Saturday (December 3rd). 

I have to share this story while I’m talking about our dogs:

Apparently our dogs have something against the wise men in our Little People Nativity

Luke was playing with the set and when he was done he left two of the wise men standing on their heads.  They were on opposite sides and surrounded by the other figurines.  Camille walked up to the set, looked at it, pushed over the first wise man, looked at the second wise man and then pushed him over too.  Eric and I were cracking up.   

Then last night I found Camille chewing on one of them (which I saved just in the nick of time) and found that Mac had chewed off the top of the head of the other one.  We taped it back up but it will never be the same.


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One response to “Happy 4th birthday Mac!

  1. illinigirl

    Too funny!!! Maybe the dogs are anti-frankincense and myrrh. . .

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