Luke’s class had their annual Christmas story today.  Luke played the part of a shepherd, like he did last year.  I tried to get him to be something different this year, like a wise man or Joseph, but he stuck to his decision.  It turned out that none of the boys wanted to be Joseph so one of the girls jumped in and played the part.  

I can’t believe this is the last time we’ll have a child in this at our preschool.   

Here’s a picture of Luke as a shepherd last year.

And here is a 2008 picture of Kenny when he was also a shepherd.



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2 responses to “Shepherd

  1. Adorable!

    And doesn’t this make you so glad you blog? Being able to see his last year’s picture AND Kenny when he was his age? :)

  2. Karen Kelly

    Totally Nicole! I REMEMBER seeing that picture! And can’t believe how young Kenny looks! Seems like just yesterday he was born. Wait, I didn’t know you then. Wait, I don’t actually “know” you now! :) But I love reading about your life! :)

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