Cell phone pics from 2011

I was going through my cell phone and found these pics that I never posted (and want to get on here).

Kenny and Luke playing RISK 

They are definitely my kids

Royals game in September

I swear Kenny was there but all of the pictures of him were with his friend JT (and I don’t want to put someone else’s child on here)

Luke sleeping with his shoes because he liked the lights on them

Camille with a huge stick stuck in her collar 

I have no idea how this happened but if she can get something caught in it (like here), she will.

Luke and his t-ball medal

Luke while eating at 75th Street Brewery

Kenny (and his medal) at his soccer banquet this fall



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2 responses to “Cell phone pics from 2011

  1. Noticed you are a Kansas City guy. Check out our blog which is mostly based on Kansas City events and teams. Go Royals!

  2. I love the picture of Luke and his shoes. . . and the picture of your dog with the stick! What the heck!?!?

    Happy new year! :)

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