Christmas 2011

We started out a little worried about Christmas.  There was a bad stomach virus going around Kenny’s school  that we were praying we wouldn’t get.  We really didn’t want a repeat of Christmas 2009.  But, of course, Kenny got it on the 22nd.  We made it through the 23rd and 24th without anyone else having signs of getting sick so we celebrated with my family on Christmas Eve.

Getting ready for church:

Christmas Eve at my mom and dad’s house:

Christmas morning at our house: 

Santa may have forgotten to leave anything in the dogs’ stocking.  Oops.  We decided it was probably because they have been getting on our couch while we’re gone.  Luckily I had two bones for them in the cupboard that we were able to give them.

Christmas morning at my parents:

See the stockings in these pictures?  My Grandpa Bill and Grandma Dolly had one made for everyone back when I was little.  This year, my mom made ones for Kenny, Luke and Eric so that everyone now has one.  It took her a long time and they look great. 

Christmas Day with Eric’s mom, Amanda and AJ:

Remember how I said that we thought that we had escaped that stomach virus?  I ended up throwing up every hour on the hour Tuesday night and then Eric had a mild form of it.  I’m not going to say anything about Luke not getting it because I’m afraid I’ll jinx us:)  I’m just glad that it didn’t ruin our Christmas.  And I’m really hoping we didn’t pass it on to anyone else in the family.


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