Here are a few of the latest things that have me saying, “huh?????”:

1.  What happened to size 9 in boys’ clothes?  It goes from either an 8 or 7/8 straight to a size 10/12.  I asked a saleswoman at Children’s Place the same thing and she didn’t know either. 

2.  My parents bought Kenny an iPod nano for Christmas.  He wanted to get an armband for it so he could run with Eric but Apple doesn’t make them for the smaller 6th generation version.  They just make a wrist armband.  Huh?  Who wants to run with it attached to their wrists?  The nano does, in their defense, have a clip on it but I guarantee that it would be broken within a month if Kenny just used that.  I was able to quickly find this one on-line from and it’s working out great.  I just think it’s weird that Apple doesn’t sell them at their store.



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3 responses to “Huh?

  1. I know! Luke could totally use a 9 in jeans right now!!

  2. kirksonya

    For real. Andrew, too. The 8’s are TOO short and the 10’s are slightly too long. I did find one pair of 10’s that isn’t too long that he is wearing right now. Otherwise, he’s wearing track pants. every. day.

  3. Karen Kelly

    True for girl clothes too!

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