Luke’s last preschool conference

We had Luke’s (last) preschool conference on Monday and it went great.

Here are some of the observations/funny things they told us about:

  • He and his friend A are joined at the hip, which is not surprising at all. 
  • Part of the conference includes observations done by his teachers.  Under the social relations category they had this story:

“Work time – Luke, A, L, A and C are playing “fancy restaurant.”  They asked Mrs. D if she wants to come to our fancy restaurant at 1:00.  They work together making the food, Shirley Temples, setting the table with a “table sheet”.  Luke also said, “I’m the servant, I’m making your salad.”

  • This one is my favorite by far.  They said that Luke doesn’t want to be around conflict.  It doesn’t upset him or anything but he just doesn’t want to associate himself with it.  They said that if someone is doing something that they shouldn’t be doing, he’ll just get up and walk away.  I’m really proud of him for that.
  • He has a little friend, Addie, that he calls his girlfriend.  It’s just really cute.

I feel like I say this all the time but we’re just really sad that we won’t have any more children at our preschool once Luke is done in May.


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