Kenny’s 8th birthday (with friends)

Kenny and his friend, Arden, had their birthday party together this year.  We went with a backyard movie theme, along with some baseball on the side, in case anyone got a little antsy.

We started off with baseball.

And then we did the cake and presents next since it was still light out.  Arden’s mom made the cutest popcorn cupcakes.  She used marshmallows (cut on the top) to look like the actual popcorn and then sprayed it with yellow food spray.  Then, she stuck a yellow Starburst on top to look like the butter.  They were really tasty too.  To keep with our movie theme, I found these popcorn party favor bags and we stuffed them with popcorn, movie candy and poppers and placed them around the cupcakes.

And then it was time for the movie and popcorn.  Anita rented a projector and speaker and we hung a drop cloth up to show the movie on.  Some of the boys left half-way through the movie and started playing baseball again and others sat and watched the whole thing.  We didn’t care, as long as they were having fun.

Happy (almost) 8th birthday, Kenny – I hope you had fun celebrating with your friends!



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3 responses to “Kenny’s 8th birthday (with friends)

  1. Looks like fun! :) Great theme and amazing looking cupcakes!

  2. what a cool party idea! looks like they had a great time!

  3. Ryan


    This party looks like it was a blast! I had a baseball birthday party when I was 9 and it was one of the best I’ve had. I was wondering if you are open to a non-promotional guest post. Some ideas I have are tips for throwing a space or Scooby Doo themed party and three things I’ve learned from being a teacher.

    If you are interested, please contact me at ryan (at) adamriemer (dot) me.

    Thank you,


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