Guess what’s coming to KC…


I can’t wait.  That, combined with the two Trader Joe’s that came to KC last year, makes me very, very happy.

Speaking of Trader Joe’s, here is a list of our favorite things there:

–  3 layer hummus – I could live on this

–  Pita chips to go with hummus dip – I buy the dark blue bag

–  Bananas – I think all bananas taste alike but Kenny swears theirs are the best

–  Pizza dough

–  Cheese crackers

–  Tomato and roasted red pepper soup

–  Frozen pizza – we love the margherita, BBQ chicken, pesto and spinach pizzas

–  …Next to Godliness multi-purpose cleaner

–  milk  – it’s pretty cheap

–  5 layer dip

–  great selection of different kinds of nuts

–  chocolate/peanut butter cups

–  peppermint JoJo’s – they are out around Christmas time

Did I forget anything?


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