Luke quotes

Here are some of the funnier things that Luke has said in the past few days:

–  He was at his friend A’s house.  They were sitting at the kitchen table, eating lunch, when he said, “It smells like pee in here.”  My friend finally figured out that he was smelling the flowers that her husband had given her.

Flower smell, yes.  Pee smell, no.

Note to Eric:  Apparently you need to buy me flowers more often so Luke can tell the difference.

–  While at A’s house on the same day, Luke asked them why they didn’t have a dog.  My friend said that they didn’t want to pick up dog poop.  He then told her that Eric would come over and pick it up for them.

I’m sure Eric would love that.

–  And finally today:

Eric:  “Why do your hands kind of smell bad?”

Luke:  “They were down my pants.”


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One response to “Luke quotes

  1. Ha! Reminds me of when the boys were asking for a dog a few years ago and I asked, “Who will take care of it?” thinking they’d say they would, and the two older boys both answered, “Dad!”

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