Spring 2013 sports


Kenny and Luke both played outdoor soccer this spring.  It was such a weird season.  I swear it was either raining or snowing during the first half.  They both had great seasons.  Luke scored a ton of goals and Kenny is fantastic at defense.  He even scored a goal at the end of the season, which is harder to do when you’re a defender.

This was Kenny’s last season with the team that he had been with since kindergarten.  It disintegrated since many of the boys, Kenny included, were going competitive.  He went through tryouts this summer and, although it was a tough decision, we decided to leave his current league and move to the one that he played with over the winter.  We just love that they emphasize technique.  I’m the same way with my swimming lesson program; if you don’t have proper technique, you’re not going to swim to your full potential.







Kenny’s baseball team moved over to a different league this spring.  The season is a lot longer.  Games started in April and go through July.  This is their first year doing kid pitch and it was killing them at first.  I think they lost their first game 17-0.  Ouch.  Luckily, it’s getting much better.

Luke, the child who always hurts himself, fell at Kenny’s first game.  He was playing on the bleachers and just bit it.  He hit his cheekbone and had a huge black eye (while having a little black eye after hitting heads with a kid that was climbing up a slide while he was going down it).  It took forever to go away and his doctor said he might always have a little dimple on his cheek.  You can kind of see his black eye in some of his soccer pictures above (under his left eye).





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