Luke’s first lost tooth

Luke lost his first tooth.  He was eating a sandwich the night before and I noticed that he kept feeling his tooth.  I just thought he had a piece of lettuce stuck in his tooth but when he showed me his mouth, I saw that it was pretty loose.   It was gone by morning.



And then it was really gone by that afternoon.  As in, I threw it away.  I guess he put it in a plastic bag on his dresser so when I was picking up his room, I tossed it, not knowing what it was.  We had bags of trash so there was no way I could retrieve it.  Oops.  That’s the second time I’ve done something like that.  I had Luke write a note to the tooth fairy and yes, she did still bring him $5 for his first tooth.


Dear Tooth Fairy, 

I lost my tooth because my mom threw it away.

From, Luke


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