July 4, 2013

We had a crazy fourth of July.




We went up to VillageFest in the morning, like we always do.  They had a new zip line ride that we hit first.  We had to wait in line for.ev.er.  Eventually, Kenny asked if he could go sit in the shade while I held his place in line (Luke didn’t weigh enough so he and Eric went on the train ride instead).  That should have been clue #1.  Finally, it was his turn to go and he seriously didn’t have any expression on his face the whole time.  Clue #2.  Then, we met back up with Eric and Luke and went to get new bike helmets from this wonderful organization called Head Strong for Jake.  Eric ran inside the police station to grab us some waters while the boys were getting their helmets fitted.  The nice woman who was helping us kept asking Kenny questions and he really wasn’t answering her that much.  Clue #3.  We were then walking towards the paramedic to have him double-check their helmets when Kenny started saying, “I want water, I want water, I want water.”  And then the poor boy started going down.  Luckily, I caught him and the paramedic picked him up and started taking him into the shade.  Eric had gotten stuck inside because another child had passed out but came out at this point.  He took Kenny and we all went inside to get him in the a/c and check his vitals.

The crazy thing was that it really wasn’t that hot out (mid-80s).  But, it was really hot waiting in that line.

We went home after that and spent the afternoon taking it easy inside and making sure he got a lot of Gatorade and water.

My parents came over that night and we had brats and hotdogs on the grill.  Then we lit some little tanks and smoke bombs.





We ended the night with fireworks at our favorite country club.  The boys had a prime spot on the golf course.  My kids will forever associate Tootsie Pop suckers with fireworks.  My mom started bringing them years ago and now they just expect it.

Note for me:  Fireworks start at 9:45.  We always go way too early:)



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